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Renewable energy system

   GRINOR provide many complete systems as Grid-Tie electric system, Individual electric system, Independent electric network and Energy gain increaser for all type of demands

Grid-Tie electric system
System components: Solar Panels-Wind Turbines and Grid-Tie inverter
Grid-Tie system can be directly connected  to the local electricity network. During the working time the collected electricity can either be used immediately (which is normal for systems installed on offices and other commercial buildings), if the electricity generated more than the consumer (at rest time or holidays) the excess electricity will be flow back to the grid (make your electric meter turn back). When the Grid-Tie system is unable to provide the electricity required, power can be bought back from the network. In effect, the grid is acting as a electricity energy storage system, which means the Grid-Tie system does not need to include battery storage.
Grid-Tie system are often integrated into buildings. Special is the PV technology is ideally suited to use on buildings, providing pollution and noise-free solar power without using extra space.
Working status:
When consumer turn on, the collected power will be tie into grid for support  load electric. It will make slow down the speed of your electric meter.
When consumer turn off, the collected power will be flow back into National Grid. It will make your electric meter turn back.

Individual electric system
System components: Solar panels-Wind turbines, Charger, Battery, Inverter.
Individual system (Stand-alone photovoltaic systems) have been used for many years in the world to supply electricity to applications where grid power supplies are unavailable or difficult to connect to. Examples include monitoring stations, radio repeater stations, telephone kiosks and street lighting. There is also a substantial market for PV technology in the leisure industry, with battery chargers for boats and caravans, as well as for powering garden equipment such as solar electricity fountains. These systems normally use batteries to store the solar power, if larger amounts are required they can be combined with another source of power - a biomass generator, a wind turbine or diesel generator to form a hybrid power supply system.

Independent electric network
System components: Solar panels-Wind turbines, Power house (Charger, Battery, Inverter), Electric network (Post, Cable, House hold interface)
Independent network work same as large scale of Individual system. It supply electricity to village or a number of house hold where grid power supplies are unavailable or difficult to connect to. Examples include remote village on countryside or island. With the design as generator and backup large energy, the system can be supply continuous in 3 day without any power received.
The best Independent network should be a hybrid system of Solar and Wind Power. These energy will be working supplement together for getting power every time.

Energy gain increaser
Your existing renewable system special is Solar system will increase the energy gain by using our  Increaser system. There have 2 natural factor which is impact directly to the solar energy gain are: Sun position and clouded.
- The solar panel only collect the maximum power when their face is perpendicular with sun angle. Sun position will be change base one each hour of day we call (hour angle). Sun position change also the angle when the earth' axis tilt at each day of year (day angle). Tracking system will solve the sun position problem
- Even have good tracking system the solar panels will not received maximum power thought day because of clouded. Average in one day have 12 sun hour but in fact the solar panel only receive around 4-5 hour of sun. Even in some few continuous day the sun sight is clouded. Magnify system will solve the clouded problem

Tracking system:
- Detect and automatic tilt the panel opposite real position of the sun via smart microchip,
- Increase collect power energy up to 40 percent compared to stationary panels.
- Always running well even in the cloud or bad weather conditions.
- Save energy with special construction for rotation method.
One axis Tracking system:
Working status:
     The day angle will be fix to the suitable angle. The system will track the sun by times of day on one axis
     Installation cost is low, maintaining cost is low, return invest time is short.
     Constructions is simple, one system can be control a large number of panel.
     Easy to upgrade when add more panel to the existing system.
     Only track the by hour angle, the result not so good compare with two axis system.

Two axis Tracking system:
Working status:
     With 2 axis, the system will easy track exactly the sun position. One axis follow hour angle, another one is follow day angle.
     Perfect tracking result with 30-40% extra power get back
     Constructions is complex, so cannot apply on large number of panels.
     Can not upgrade, must to invest new tracking system when add new solar panels.

Magnify sun power system
- Apply on the clouded time, the system will support strong light for solar panel base on light amplification by reflection.  and make - Increase collect power energy up to 60 percent compared to normal panels.
Automatic sun magnifier.
Working status:
    The smart microchip will automatic adjust the light amplification base on current climate.
    With this kind of system you will never mine to the time or the dense of clouds.
    The normal increaser system can apply on large number of panels and very easy to upgrade.
    The high increaser can collect power more than 60 percent .
     Constructions of the the high increaser system is complex, cannot apply on large number of panels.
     The high increaser system can not upgrade, must to invest new system when add new solar panels.    
Fix sun magnifier.
Working status:
    Working manually by user in case of the day have many clouded.
    Cheap, easy way for improve the solar system on the place have low isolation.
    Easy to upgrade when add new solar panels.
    If forgot put out the increaser system when the sun shine strong again the lifetime of solar panel will be decrease.