Renewable energy services

GRINOR provides renewable energy consultancy and services to the public and private sectors. Our breadth of experience and flexible approach means we can easily integrate with a development team at any stage of a project. If you are interested in the delivery of a single technology through to the turnkey delivery of a package of renewable energy projects for a development, please contact us for a free survey.

We provide consultancy in the following areas:

* Design of Innovative Renewable Technologies

* Multi Technology Feasibility Studies

* Project Development and Installation

* Ongoing Operational and Management Services

GRINOR also provide technical, planning, environmental and engineering advice through the following services:

* Calculate the potential power

♦   Normally, renewable energy seems confusing and overwhelming. There are so many technology options to choose.

♦   GRINOR provides customers who are in the very early stages of the alternative energy development process with the necessary information to determine the technical feasibility and logistical hurdles of proposed alternative energy projects.

♦   GRINOR provide valuable, holistic information on local renewable energy resources and possible locations for projects. The assessments include very detailed information, allow everyone to understand and assess their own renewable energy resources without worrying about biased interpretations.

♦   The potentiality power is available for the Solar and Wind technologies:

*  Energy Audit for Lighting / Cooling system

♦   We believe the lighting - cooling audit is the foundation of every project, and we are dedicated to thoroughness and accuracy.

♦   We understand that schedules, profits, reputations, client satisfaction, and energy savings are all based on the audit.

♦   We provide a very detailed analysis custom tailored to your needs.

♦   We work with you on each and every application.

♦   We strive to give you confidence in the foundation of your lighting project, to reduce costly change orders, and create a lighting - cooling environment suitable to your objectives.

* Determine current energy efficiency and energy lost

♦   It is critical from a cost, regulatory and reputation perspective to ensure you are energy efficient. In addition, most organizations will already be running energy efficiency initiatives.

♦   Our audits cover all aspects of an organization's operations including its property, utility systems, production processes, travel and logistics, technology, products and so forth. Fundamentally, our audits aim to reduce energy demand and deliver reductions in emissions outputs. This reduces costs, helps to meet corporate objectives, delivers regulatory compliance and controls emissions. We might even be able to identify revenue-generating opportunities for you through our activities.

♦   We identify prioritized energy reduction and efficiency solutions. These will include relatively quick and easy solutions such as re-setting existing equipment to run more efficiently, through to capital investment initiatives such as replacing superseded equipment or building onsite renewable energy facilities.

♦   We have built up years of experience in energy auditing and surveying. In addition, we have a strong team of auditors trained to implement the UK's Energy Performance Certification scheme, which promotes energy efficiency in buildings. We have experience in auditing all types of operations, large and small, from commercial offices to large industrial plants.

* Provide the optimal technology for reducing electric bill.

♦   GRINOR offer a complete services package to our commercial clients.

♦   The optimal technology cover all technologies and scales from initial system selection through to installation and commissioning.

♦   The optimal technology will give out with maximum power saving and minimum year of return in vestment.

* Maintain the renewable system.

♦   Maintain the electric power equipments

♦   Maintain the energy collectors: Solar panel, Wind turbine.

♦   Maintain - Rescue the battery for long life services.