GRINOR Energy Products are diverse set of products and services designed to make up a comprehensive sustainability solution for all industries and markets.
GRINOR is the agents of international manufacturers. We have the wide range of products for all activities.

  • Renewable energy system:
        GRINOR provide many complete systems as Grid-Tie electric system, Individual electric system, Independent electric network and Energy gain increaser for all type of demand ...<read more...>

    Grid-Tie electric system

    Individual electric system

    Independent electric network

    Energy gain increaser

  •  Renewable energy products:
        GRINOR provide the diverse of Solar panels and Win turbines. Each products have special features suitable with severe weather conditions and diversified demand ...<read more...>

  • LED light:
        The super saving lights with super durable life up to 20 years. Saving electric usage 88% compare with Incandescent Light and 40% compare with Compact Fluorescent Light. With many special types of light such as Spot lights, Desk lights, 360 lights, Tube lights, Tunnel light, Street lights and Decorative lamps our LED products can replace for almost lights in all using demand and industries ...<read more...>

    Spot light

    Desk lights

    Bulb lights

    Tube lights

    Tunnel light

    Street lights

    Decorative lamps

    Solar Camping Lantern

    Solar Garden Light

  • Battery - Power storage:
        The Batteries GRINOR provide, come from Japan, Thailand and other Asia manufacture which have been a solid source of energy, have played an active role in the diverse fields of intelligence-related technology, transportation, industry and environmental interests... <read more...>

    For Transportation

    For Normal demand

    For High demand

    For Stationary-Marine

    For Long time demand

  • Electric Power:
        We have the best group of electric power for your renewable energy system in case as replacing or upgrading ... <read more...>

    Power inverter

    Grid-Tie inverter

    Power backup

    Charge controller