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LED Light

   The super saving lights with super durable life up to 20 years. Saving electric usage 88% compare with Incandescent Light and 40% compare with Compact Fluorescent Light. With many special types of light such as Spot light, Desk lights, Bulb lights, Tube lights, Tunnel light, Street lights and Decorative lamps our LED products can replace for almost lights in all using demand and industries.

Spot light

Desk lights

Bulb lights

Tube lights

Tunnel light

Street lights

Decorative lamps

Solar Camping Lantern

Solar Garden Light

The preeminent features of LED Light:
Save the investment cause of lifetime more than 20 year or 100.000 hour (other lamps only around few month or few thousand working time)
Maximum power savings by using Light Emitting Diode technology - (see more on here Wikipedia)
Emitted cold light will reduce the electric cost for your air conditioning system (other lamps radiate very high heat)
No lead or mercury toxic and environmental pollution as the other lamps
Diversity of performance from (80 lm/W-200 lm/W), appropriate price for each demand
Diversity of model, color of light and light power; suitable for all skilled, all fields
Use a variety of connection standard make easy to replace any old technology lights.
Wide operating voltage range help LED light always bright even voltage down to low or rise to high.
Designed to be stand the continuous on-off switch or flicker. Not easily short-damaged as other lamps.


   GRINOR provide the best LED lights which have been awarded such international certificates:




(See more information about LED technology on Wikipedia included content of History, Technology, Colors and materials, Types,  Considerations for use and Applications.)