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Valve-Regulated Stationary Lead-Acid Batteries

FMU Series:
Has a modular design for superior vibration resistance and longer life. The unit has a space-saving design that reduces installation and maintenance time.
FVL Series:
Battery life of over fifteen years is achieved through advances in grid alloys and active materials. The same size as the MSE Series, they can be used for replacement.
FVH Series:
Excellent high rate discharge characteristics that is suitable for large capacity UPS.


Positive Plate Lead Dioxide
Negative Plate Sponge Lead
Separator Absorbed Glass Mat
Container & Cover ABS Resin P.P.Resin
Electrolyte Sulfuric Acid
Single Cell Capacity Range
at 10HR (Ah)
50 - 3000 50 - 300 200 - 1000
Nominal Voltage 2
Floating Voltage 2.23
Equalizing Voltage Nil
Max. Discharge Current (A) 3C 1min.
6C 5sec.
6C 1min.
12C 5sec.
3C 1min.
6C 5sec.
Recommended Load Time Below 1min. - 10hours
Applicable Standards JIS C 8704 - 2
Estimated Life at 25C (Years) 15 7 - 9 15