Grinor Corporation is a multinational energy corporation, energy consultancy and project development. It has representative in Sarpsborg (Norway), Elberton-GA (USA) and HCMC (Vietnam). Grinor is engaged in every aspect of the renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, including energy efficiency products as LED lamp in industry. We represents a diverse set of products and services designed to make up a comprehensive sustainability solution for all industries and markets.

Energy Products
We are the agents of international manufacturers. We have the wide range of product for all activities:

Renewable Technology
We provide the complete service for the consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning and operation of green energy technologies as Solar power (Photovoltaic/Thermal), Wind power and all other renewable energy sources.

Energy Efficiency
We offer a complete service from energy audits, carbon footprint calculations and opportunities assessment for sites to solutions development and project management for energy efficiency projects.

Our goals are

   * Become the best energy solution provider.
   * Returning your initial investment in less than 5 years.
   * Disconnect your energy from fossil fuels
   * Reduce pollution emissions and the earth temperature.
   * Reduce earthquake mining underground, reducing seismic, tsunami.